Electronic Pest Repeller AL-PGX02

only RM 150.00 (including postage-Malaysia only)

Bugs and insects are truly a constant annoyance in most or any home. Most people choose to combat the unwanted invasion with a spray repellents and traps - but they can be hazardous to your health and just plain messy. We have solved both problems with the ultrasonic/electromagnetic pest repeller with Electronic Pest Repeller.

Electronic Pest Repeller or Electrical Pest Repeller is controlled by microcomputer carrier wave pulse circuitry and carrier frequency pulse circultry, repels pest such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, spiders, lice, lizards, ants, and so on. Electronics Pest Repeller emitts high frequency pulse accoustic waves and pulse electromagnetic waves which can stimulate and chase away the pests effectively for about 60 square meters.


Electronic Pest Repeller uses electromagnetic waves, repels unwanted vermin without leaving a nasty smell or mess. Electronic Pest Repeller has no side effect or bad reaction to human beings and common pets like cats and dogs. It has no smell, no poison, no fumes and can be used for long term as it works non-stop. Electronic Pest Repeller comes with the additional function of switching frequency pulse accoustic waves to prevent adaptability of mouse and insects with "HIGH", "MEDIUM" or "LOW" plus "1" and "2" button for greater or normal protection. Suitable for use in home, offices, restaurants and warehouse. One unit of Electronic Pest Repeller each for your children's room is recommended.

Just plug-in the Electronic Pest Repeller into any electrical socket and it will start working immediately for certain pests and will drive away most pest in 2 to 4 weeks.

Note: This Electronic Pest Repeller is not suitable for use near pets like hamster and cricket.

only RM 150.00 (including postage-Malaysia only)


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